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22 September 2015 @ 11:33 pm
Snicket 7.2  

they live

wowowow welcome back i cant believe this
please excuse the absolutely terrible cropping the only way i can stop my game from lagging for some reason is to play with the very smallest resolution and im not used to framing pictures correctly yet so a lot of pics have ppl missing feet etc haha
also i accidentally let spooky get old oh dear

she still rules the roost tho
which is new, more pics here

then theres this
how unfortunate

i love how her boobs each have a face on them lmao
baby incoming

forgot to turn off the special event camera lmao
also i think she is an exact clone of her brother i rerolled the randomizer after this
or whatever that is called
anyway her name is carmelita after carmelita spatz

there she is
part of her anyway haha

he grows

dewey the child

why do they always play this game in the most catastrophic of areas???
also how is this even possible

nonchalant grow throw

she is cute

fiona rly likes her it seems

even tho she throws up

glass is One Of Those Sims


perfect place to hang out w ur children

one of jackies brothers steals the paper
honestly take it dude we dont want it

she scolds

one more kid
mostly to test if everything was randomized again haha

show off

literally all she was doing was talking about dogs
this must be a neighborhood full of cat people

child carmelita

i tell u this now shes probably gonna be heir just because of her skin and the fact that shes a girl lmao

she will hit her head in the night

accidentally missed his birth lmao
this is montgomery, after montgomery montgomery


he scream at tity

he has the cutest face!! i wish he had the skin lmao

all boys are poor losers

anyway here he is
teen dewey

i made spooky her own cat condo thing

for privacy

they were out there literally all day
it was winter


child monty

fuckin loser eats spaghetti all by himself

i think i took this because i was impressed they werent laying in the middle of the street for once


this feels like classic gos but here she is

i will leave u with this for now
anyway im glad to be back into ts2 wahoo
also here is something that is going on with me i feel sick all the time lmao :)
and ive been playing a lot of skyrim, finally. bye.
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
lovelyxwow: ♔ain't it fun living in the real worldlovelyxwow on September 23rd, 2015 11:51 pm (UTC)
omg! im partial to mont (u can prob guess why) but carm is def a fave!! also how did u do the cat condo thing??

i know how u feel about the job but maybe u can see what they have part-time or that's a bit smaller/slower paced and go from there? also how do u like skyrim???
drewsimsdrewsims on September 24th, 2015 01:21 am (UTC)
ehehee yeee monty :O
the cat thing i used one of the awnings and then put a fence around the outside and put all her cat things in it!

and yeah im gonna have to do that i think
i was talking about it to my mom and she was like ur probably someone who needs alternative work and im like.... i kno but that is like impossible no one is going to be accommodating when they could hire someone who isnt a weenie baby.....

and i rly like it! some guys tried to kick my ass the other night when i stole a horse tho