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16 November 2015 @ 08:36 pm
Snicket 8.2  

here it is! short and sweet cause i finished this gen but i didnt want it to be only 2 updates so i split the pics i had into 2 separate updates~~

we arrive in pregnancy hell

a lil girl, josephine, after josephine antwhistle
there are so many josephines around that is my ts4 legacy heiress and here is a josephine and im p sure there is one in the dressy legacy too lmao

its already her birthday

she;s cute~~~!!

so close........

grumpy spook

another one

he's choking!!!!!!

just kidding hes growing


this is ernest

finally a redhead

llmao birthdays all over the place


she cute

hes cute too

heh hehh hehhhhh i wish i could do that

what were u expecting, honestly.
but hey theres that glittery purple puke default ! beautiful

save her

also i forgot to mention im cropping my pics different cause its easier to do them this shape with my small resolution
its an awkward size tho :(

winter time and u kno what that means gotta head out to the deck time to do some witchy things

grow grow grow grow

cotton candy hair

the produce stand is finally open for business!!!

what the fuck!!! u dare lecture????

i was honestly so mad like this business literally just opened??? take ur smug face away
i tried to send bees after her but it didnt work

grow child

teen bertrand
thats it for now~~~

Current Mood: sicksick