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21 November 2015 @ 01:37 am
Snicket 8.3  

figured id bang this out before bed, its short and the end of gen sooooooooo yeah!!!
also i made brownies

the produce stand is doing well as you can see there are many customers.........

honestly this is not a sound business practice

it is time for josephine to grow

thumbs up

he grows in the doorway

i have to admit i wasnt too fond of him as a teen

teenage boys, am i right??????
fuck them

my exact reaction

oh yeah carmelita is a witch in case u forgot like i frequently do

do NOT turn around jackie

honestly i SHIT i didnt even KNOW spooky died i felt AWFUL how could this have happened

this simply will not do

shes pissed she was in the afterlife

welcome back

back on her throne
ruler of the roost


everyone gathers to witness carmelitas abysmal failure

'mom u suck and also u smell'



and glass steals the fucking show by DYING of course

anyway here he is

hes not heir cya

'everything is all fun and games now that berts gone'

all they do

elder carmelita
shes still cute!!!

adult josephine

through the gen i thought i would just have her as heir but

elder ornette

adult ernest
i actually like him best so hes just gonna stay and be heir
he kinda reminds me of rubeus from the black moon clan with that forehead mark and the red hair
but hes a lot cooler tbh

and ill end this with an awkwardly cropped pic of his room
okay thats it!!!!!
probably gonna take a brief break from snickets now since its my turn with the dressys!
Current Mood: lazylazy
getmygameonn: hk butterflygetmygameonn on November 21st, 2015 01:09 pm (UTC)
I flailed like a flounder when i saw Spooky died. My revenge was gonna be stealing your brownies :( Reubeus would kick your ass to the moon & back for such a comment. ("Bitch pls! :p) lol ♡
drewsimsdrewsims on November 22nd, 2015 05:44 am (UTC)
oh my god i was HOLLERING first of all because she died in the first place and second of all because i didnt even know!! i didnt even notice. i am The Worst