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18 March 2016 @ 01:16 am
Snicket 9.3  

surprise! i played and i actually had fun for the first time in awhile
and also i realized that ernest and petra never even got married so i had to settle that real quick before we can properly begin

unsurprisingly she said yes

dan petra ur bobbies

what did u see my boy

no worries in the snikcet house

shes jealous because s. theodora is the fan favorite
and also the me favorite

sestras playin games

ugh same
but im surprised i got thru nearly an entire legacy before this happened


tandem swoon

this is broody af

time to go

rip carmelita

not to be outdone, cleo decided it was time to age up

she cute!


and s. theodora grew up right after

heart eyes

goodbye for now

the only kid left in the house

lmao and they got married in front of the tv

and ernest aged up right after
better late than never

be yall forgot abt spooky

birthday girl
welcome to adulthood lulu it sucks

she already knows
spooky is in anguish as well for some reason


also petra grew up and looked surprised

i changed my defaults lmao

g I V E M E T HA t D R I N k

and goodbye ornette
okay and that ends this gen!!!
i picked s. theodora as heir so u will see her as the last snicket heir in the next update
thanks for reading!!!
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